Nom Nom Stories!

Of course momma firmly believes in living to eat! That explains this kick-off post I guess(!!!). This one is reposted from momma’s blog

“Like momma, like son ” she squeals as I lick clean the last spoon of ragi porridge! Duh Mamma – if all you were fed through your life – the entire 6.5 months- is that breaastmilk am sure you too would lap up anything that comes near your mouth.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that am missing the party! I see my ammamma(thank good for her!) rue “Add at least a spoon of sugar in that kurke…. Poor kannan, it’s so tasteless “. As if my  bull headed amma will lsiten. Instead she gives a long lecture on “no salt, no sugar, no honey until he’s one“! Anyways I wonder what this “sugar” is…..

Looks like if I let this mamma have her way, my taste buds would be dead by the time am one. So I have decided to take things into my hands – errr into my tongue I mean. I now lick things off the floor :-D. I have managed bits n pieces of this n that! But as luck will have it, ammamma is not being my partner in crime – instead she keeps flicking off my prized possessions from the floor! Hmpf! Looks like its time to up my game people!!

Mamma wants me to add that I was started on solids at home from Aug 20 and the first morsel I was fed is Kunan Kaaya that my velye-ammama lovingly sundried, powdered and sent it all the way from Guruvayoor, Kerala.

                                          That’s how first meals look – messy n yummy 😀

One thought on “Nom Nom Stories!

  1. Like mom like son. Yes yes. Should ask your ammamma if your amma was also so cutely messy as you are. 😀 Next time ninne kanaan varumbo choikyam tto. Stay cute, godson of mine!

    PS: You are absolutely right, Calvin. Your amma is bull-headed 😛


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