Of Midnight Parties and Papparazi!

Now I know why dada keeps raving about night parties – they are totally cool I say! All those “chug chug” sounds, blinking lights n jostling crowds – I totally lapped them all up! Thankfully mama was a sport this time and let me “party” all the way until midnight!! I think I’ll just excuse those under the breath mutterings and dagger looks she was shooting at my poor dada for booking a late-night train! If you ask me, Bangalore Majestic railway station should be rated the most happening midnight party-destination 😀

Talking about trains, somebody tell mamma that she cannot expect to stretch and sleep in the train especially when we are co-sleeping! Also pushing me against the narrow berth is so not happening! I have been told, she had once given my poor mema(aunt) third degree lectures on “Mothers love, sacrifice” – now only if she put some of it to practice! Since I am generally an accommodating person, I only whimpered a wee bit and let mama hang half outside the seat for this time..

Imagine this is how I had to sleep thru the night. Ho my poor back!

Imagine this is how I had to sleep thru the night. Ho my poor back!

Anyways as they say there is a silver lining behind every cloud. So at the end of this five hour long ordeal, we land in Chennai to the bling-bling of camera lights! Ho how I love these paparazzi – especially when they come in the form of grandparents! Today if there are records of me snoozing away in train, of train chugging into the station, of the platform where the train arrived, of the taxi that whisked us home – its all thanks to my dearest muthashan(grandpa)….

Now I’m off to meet my Grandpa’s family – time to put on my charming smile and get more people dancing around my little finger 😀 Stay tuned for my Chennai adventures……….

Look wat Grandpa arranged for my welcome :-D

Look wat Muthashan arranged for my welcome 😀


10 thoughts on “Of Midnight Parties and Papparazi!

  1. Your lazy mamma doesn’t share such cute pictures with me 😛 I have to see before others see on the blog. You scold your mamma for being lazy to share with me on WhatsApp okay, Calvin? Sit on her laptop and don’t let her work till she shares photo with me on WhatsApp 😉

    PS: Waiting to hear about your adventures, and see the photos those wonderful Grandpapparazi took 😀


  2. Hahahaha that’s such a cute post. Yo mama why you no giving him space in train 😉 and I absolutely loved the blog title …


  3. Hahahhaha this a such a cute post… Yo mama why you no giving him space in train 😉 and I absolutely loved the blog title 😀


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