37W 5D

37 Weeks 5 days…

Doesn’t that seem like  an odd no  …Even I thought so! But coz mamma says that’s the exact no of days I spent in womb before popping out and well today I am exactly 37 W 5D old! Trust amma to get all excited for such things…..

Talking of my in-utero days – I was a pretty chilled out guy once I settled down there! The only grouse I had was the no. of time amma kept puking –  Only  if she had listened to me and didnt’t keep having gallons of that pomegranate juice or those yucky vitamin tablets or that bland idli or morning cup of tea or mounds of rice I could have had such a pleasant stay. And before I forget, amma had this very irritating habit of poking me just as I would settle down for a siesta after a full meal – Trust her to choose the most inopportune time for “kick count”. Phew! And I see mamma having such a gleeful expression on her face when she talks about these kicks – such sadism I say!

Cos Mamma says, she has to share this very special pic with you – here it is(aargh!).! Look closely – nee nee its no alien. Thats me in the womb somewhere at end of fifth month!

21 W 4D In-Utero!

21 W 4D In-Utero!


11 thoughts on “37W 5D

  1. Your mom is now part of the strange yet lovable species called mummies 😛 not the bandaged up Egypt version. So she’ll remember all odd dates and such. 😉 it’s okay. just tell her you find it cute. :mrgreen:


  2. I remember how distressed she was when you hadn’t kicked her for a while. No, she’s not weird, she just pokes on you to check if you have slept or if you would like to play. Does she poke you even now? If she does, give her another kick 😛 why? Cuz Bhavimma said so 😉


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