And I Fly!

So few weeks back (21 oct) I flew – literally flew! This Mamma-dada were like enthu cutlets going overboard with selfies! Honestly though I think it is overrated – no fun those cramped seats really! However what I still do not understand is amma obsessing over feeding me on the flight just as we were about to take off – she repeated the drama with extra gusto just when we were about to land! Something to do with ear pressure supposedly…

And we are set to Fly!

                                                     And we are set to Fly!

But what dumbfounds me is how rude amma was during our return journey (What with dada not around to stop her!). So there was this uncle-aunty from Spain next seat to us. They were a nice couple – of course they entertained me through the flight. Suddenly in midst of this, amma literally pulls me away and once again went berserk trying to feed me. Of course the gentleman I am, I didn’t entertain any of it and went back to charming aunty-uncle. But you already know what a bull head she can be – and there she was once again trying to snare me into feeding! After a few rounds of this tug of war, I called a truce and let her pop in a “pacifier” into my mouth! I still wonder what got into her….

Imagine though what a funny sight I would have been – here I was dressed in a “suit” and with a “Pacifier” in my mouth ***Such a Face Palm Moment*** Mama rues she missed such a “cute” photo opportunity and thinks we should have a repeat performance **shuddering at the thought of it**