Of Diapering Woes!


Look closely at this pic. Can you guess what is that bell bottom thing covering me up! Go on keep guessing. Am sure you have had no luck yet…

You see that pretty blue beetle bell-bottom thingy is actually a diaper (yea am covered in a damn diaper!) that amma wrongly snapped on when she tried them on the very first time! The things this mamma does I say !!!!

PS:Β  If you would want to know more about these colorful, reusable, environmentally viable modern clothe diapers please head here


7 thoughts on “Of Diapering Woes!

  1. My son is in his mid 20’s and yes, I used cloth diapers – washed by a diaper service (no longer such a thing) and used velcro pants, which were not very reliable. I finally gave up and used disposables at night – it was worth it. I was reading the information in your link and just marveling.


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