Mee Mee’s Baby

Mama says it’s about time we had a guest post here! And she has invited over her favorite Munchies. No no that’s not any chocolate name – that’s her pet name for my cousin bro. This amma and munchies have a mutual admiration club! He very lovingly calls her “Mee Mee”(said in a sing-song tone) – amma thinks he’s absolute genius for coining such unique names even before he is two! Go ahead roll your eyes…. But as me and you don’t have much of a choice let us see what this munchies says

I mean what’s a man(ok a boy) supposed to do if he can’t even sit back and enjoy as song in peace! How rude is it to snatch away the phone just as my favorite song is being played! And I don’t know why everybody around keeps thinking that’s the funniest thing on earth and keeps rooting for the baby to repeat it! I mean you can’t blame me for losing my cool and giving this baby a thump on the head with that very mobile… Can you! But this little bugger refuses to let go… Hmpf!

Of course am generally the perfect big brother who takes the baby go for a ride on my tricycle and will even share my not-so-favourite toys with him too! I have even been nice enough to try and feed him! But he refuses to cooperate and I have unwittingly pushed in rice into his nose! But of course this world will continue blaming me!!

I tell you this big brother business is very strenuous!


Do u think that Lit imp is silently laughing over my Haggard expression!



7 thoughts on “Mee Mee’s Baby

  1. Hi Munchyboy 🙂
    So good to have you here… Does he bug you a lot, thisittle brother of yours? Maybe he snatches away your phone so you would look at him and play with him instead of the phone…. I’m just saying…
    How are you planning to celebrate Christmas and New year ?
    Mee mee is so cute:D


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