At the strike of New Year…

Haapie New Year!

Exciting right given this is like my first ever new year – well that’s exactly what these clueless parents of mine thought too. So they decided its perfectly sane toΒ  wake me -a poor sick infant – up from deep slumber to pose for a selfie at strike of midnight! And as if that was not enough, they tried puling all stunts trying to get me to smile – Like seriously !! 12241227_10153727662781043_3628397655371262473_n

But you know what takes the cake! Post the photo session amma expected me to go back to sleep without a whimper – I mean these folks will not stop surprising me! *** Shaking my head in dismay***

2016, here we come monkeying around!


7 thoughts on “At the strike of New Year…

  1. Happy Twentysixteen to you too lil Chikdoos. You were such a nice boy even when they woke you up at midnight, no crying and all. Bhavimma is so proud of you :-*


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