In sickness….

An excerpt from my mammas diary:

30 Dec 2015

Such a bummer day it was. My little one was down with fever from last night. He had just settled down for his morning nap. We were happily talking of his upcoming birthday plans with his visiting grandparents when we heard a loud shrill from his bedroom. We rushed into see that he has managed to fall off from his cradle :-/. Of course he was scared and from then started the whining which is so not like my happy sunshine boy.

He was just perking up post lunch and was fooling around with his dada. He was crawling full speed chasing his dad when he tripped over and hit the floor. There was a bad laceration on lips, blood and swelling :-|. The trooper he is, he didn’t cry much but by evening the fever again shot up.

Ho how my poor kannan kept whimpering that day! I don’t think he has ever cried so much in these many months.

Thankfully all is well that ends well!


That swollen lips :-/

Of course I understand amma was worried (and that means my poor dada faces the brunt of it )! But does that justify her trying to take my temperature like four times in an hour. And when it consistently showed normal she was sure the thermometer is skewed and made my grandpa buy a new one!
 Talking of thermometer, I think it’s about time somebody came up with a new design. Amma tries to pin me down for eternity until that damn thermometer beeps from my underarms! Can you fault me from trying to escape this inhumane treatment…. But of course she refuses to empathize and I have caught her giving one dead stares!
Phew! This sickness can be a tiring business

10 thoughts on “In sickness….

  1. Awwww my poor baby… How are you now? I hope you’re healthy and that your mom is at peace too. God bless you to continue being the sunshine of our lives ❤


  2. Hope he is all fine now. More baby proofing of the house may help since as he grows he will be more adventurous.
    Try the forehead thermometer by Mothercare, it is excellent and has served me well.


  3. Ah.. I can understand the situation when baby falls from the cradle. I experienced it with my first son, even though we are very alert , babies somehow try these naughty things when we are not around for at least few seconds, I think, it’s part of their development process.


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