The B’day Boy!

Nee nee not my b’day though my first birthday is around the corner too! This was the big day of big boy Munchie. As usual mamma made a hue and cry about it – she spoilt my poor dada’s happiness when she realized that none of the shops around were stocking upon herย  exacting “cycle of dreams” birthday gift ***Rolling my eyes****

As for me – I was as usual the perfect gentleman! Now that means making sure the B’day boy poses well for the pics rt….ย  not a easy job making that wriggly distracted two year old look into the camera! So at times I had to employ some dubious tactics like pulling his hair or snatch that balloon away !

PS: An excerpt from Momma’s diary

15 Jan 2016

N my little boy turns two! I think I love him a wee bit more for choosing to be born on my daddy’s death anniversary – ha how much of sadness did he wipe way from my life. Love you my Munchie boy – Muah!



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