Over a weekend…..

Hmpf mamma doesn’t seem very happy from yesterday! I have been down with a cough – she is blaming my crawling around in the corridor and of course her favorite culprit – my mouthing anything and evrything! Poor me – I have been under house arrest! She gives my poor achamma stinky eyes cause she tried taking me for a cycle ride on the corridor :-/

Despite all this – I was upto quite a few cool things this week 😀

So mamma got this stack of rings when I was eight months! Of course I was clueless on what she wanted me to do with those rings – I thought they made such colorful bangles though! But she’s been at it with extra vigor over past few weeks – today I decided to indulge her and stack them up properly! Mamma even managed to take a video

And I don’t know why mamma keeps avoiding the kitchen! If you ask me that’s the coolest corner in the house! There is always a big basket of balls that I can practice throwing with (Onion n tomatoes anybody?) and then there are random bits of raw rice, dal lying around that I can pop into my mouth – helps with pincer grip you see! Nowadays I have taken to helping grandma with flipping dosas! I even stoop low to check if the gas is on or not – can never trust this people right! Dosas Anybody?

Ammama was visiting us over the weekend. So when I showed off my clapping and Hi-Five skills she seemed mighty amused and after a point started calling me “monkey”… Haaw! Supposedly she thought it was very funny that not only do I clap for myself but expect everybody around to clap for me for throwing the ball\for returning amma’s specs\for closing the bottle\for having my meds… you get the flow right! And there I thought I was being “self motivated”.

But anyways I managed to get some brownie points from ammama when I fed her dosa from my plate 😀 So all is well in the world now!



Doesn’t Ammam look stoked with me 😀


Of Toddler Milestones

So I am now officially a toddler 😀 I wonder why mamma keeps moping that she is missing her ‘baby’! I thought she was in a hurry for me to grow up – Amma, remember those colic cries and cluster feeds when you would keep wondering (aloud!) when I’d grow out of all this !!

And I have caught amma giving me the stinky eye over my talking and walking milestones! I mean, I do keep blabbering to her through the day – but supposedly that doesn’t count. She wants me to talk clear coherent words ****Rolling eyes at her**** Also she doesn’t seem very happy about the fact that I have taken to calling everybodd everything) “amma” – from grandma to the overhead fan . See am trying to “communicate” but she doesn’t seem to be getting it!

And her favorite grouse is “walking”. Supposedly in her rule-book, I should be walking(if not running) by now considering I started crawling by eighth month. She says four months is more than enough to have mastered it! Ho the pressure of growing up I say…

I remember somewhere between 3 – 3.5 months when I hadn’t yet perfected the “rolling over” part – she would keep incessantly murmuring in my ears “Roll over, Roll Over”. Ho ho I better start taking things in my hand – what if she now invokes the walking mantra!

And in other news, around my birthday I popped my first teeth. Mamma was heard telling her friends that I acted as if I was “possessed”  :-O



Yea Yea Toddlerhood 😀 Bhavimma this suits me no!


Of GodMothers….

Mamma promises this is her absolute last post before she hands back the baton to me! But considering she’ll introduce all my godmothers here, I might as well let her be… I think I should take some hints from them on how to survive this mamma of mine ! So off to read momma’s diaries…

My series on pregnancy post won’t be complete without mentioning the awesome support system I had around me in the form of my friends. As I said, I had managed to bury myself deep into a shell and refused to even peep out. But dragged me out they did and for this I would be eternally thankful to this lot.

Heralding the gang would be my dearest Sabs. I was blessed that she lived right next door. So every evening pop would come in my personal sunshine, painting the world all bright and beautiful  😀  And as it was destined to be, she was the one who was right next as I went into labor and kept massaging my lower back until the last moment! Ho what would I do without her..

Then comes my amazing Ishithaa who despite going through an emotionally wreaking time in her personal life would be there for me online every single day! Not a joke really. Also she was the one who was the literal backbone of our first birthday celebrations. Hugs my girl!

And then there was this gal who sneaked into Bangalore in “stealth” mode and kept me company through the week  😉 What fun these people are I say!

Of course there is  my little sis who would drag herself across the town – leaving her then three month old – to give me company! Honestly I cannot imagine doing it myself. I’m really  wowed!

PicMonkey Collage

My Very Own GodMothers!

Today as I look back at this journey which is more than a year old, I can imagine how dreary and tiring it would have been if I did not have these soul sisters through my journey! Hugs…..

How I was born….

Haaapie first Birthday to me! Birthday or no birthday, mamma is once again ousting me out. She says its the perfect day to share our birthing story! For once I think I will agree…

The “home run” was just kicking in – I was 37 weeks pregnant. We were barely into “full term” – I was starting to sit back and finally enjoy my pregnancy! We had just got around to packing our hospital bags and wrapping up my office work.Of course, the home run meant the nights were extra long what with those pains and groans.

It was early hours of 2 Feb. My in-laws- who were camping here to welcome their grandchild – were supposed to make a flying visit to Chennai and be back in a day or two. I heard my FIL complaining of a tummy bug – I remember being vaguely worried as he had just finished a kidney stone surgery.So guess my horror when I woke up to – what my pregnancy laden brains thought was – “tummy bug”! I never thought it was nature’s way of preparing the body for delivery!

Anyways there I was talking with my dearest Sabs (Ho! what would I have done without her during this pregnancy) when the “Show” happened! Of course I was so clueless about what to expect, that off we went (with Mom, husband and Sabs) to hospital-we even hurriedly put together a hospital bag.The junior doctor examined and declared it to be the “show” and sent us packing telling us that considering it is my first delivery, the labor can set in sometime next week or so!  So we came back home, unpacked the hospital bag and settled in. But the feeling of uneasiness continued .

It was around nine at night. I was picking on my plate of roti while watching the series “Monk”. It was then the pain started hitting me in waves. After the false alarm  in the morning, I was skeptical if it was indeed labor pain or not! But the pain did not show any signs of abating. As luck would have it, we could not get through to the hospital either!

Slowly the interval between pains started reducing and we decided to head to the hospital. It was the same battalion as morning. I remember crying out every time the pain hit – little did I know that this pain would seem like a dream in just a few hours! It was close to midnight by the time the duty doctor examined and confirmed that I was indeed in labor – I was already 3 cm dilated. They ask me to settle down as it was bound to be a long wait ….. Ha ha! But my little fella had other plans!

Funnily they expected me to lie down on a bed and labor peacefully – This when along with waves of pain I have this urge to poop poop poop! All I wanted was to sit on a potty – but there they dragged me to the bed and fitted this damn NST machine to monitor my baby’s heart beats. And then they were very unhappy as I wasn’t being very co-operative – they expected me to not roll around when the pain peaks – ya right! This husband of mine wasn’t very co-operative in the beginning – he tried ganging up with those nurses and tried placing a hand on my mouth so that I do not scream  **** very funny *** And there was Sabs wondering aloud why I opted for it … as if I had a choice 😀 Ho this battalion of mine were as clueless as me!

Just then they got this brainwave to prick my water bag – the duty doctor did not seem very happy with the amount of fluid. This was surprising as even the scan done the previous week had shown enough fluids! In the meantime, they kept saying my labor was proceeding like a dream – I was dilating soon they claimed. But trust me, it didn’t seem like that for me – there I was begging for a epidural. It was a good 3-4 hours later that they consented

I remember the doc asking me if I was feeling comfortable post epidural. And I remember telling him its not still all hunky dory! I think the doctor rolled his eyes and wondered how labor can ever be “hunky dory”! Just as I thought I would take a quick nap, these nurses came along and declared I was ready to push. It was hardly 5 in the morning – I never thought things would progress this fast! I think I crawled into my own “la la land” as I was rolled into the pregnancy room – honestly I was too overwhelmed to feel anything I guess.

After a few half hearted attempts at pushing, a couple of nurses descended and literally started pushing the child down – I know it sounds horrible but I believe its a standard practice. The next thing I know, I see the doctor handing over a bloodied baby to the pediatrician. I did not know what was happening, all I remember was asking “Is that my baby? Why isnt my baby crying?” I was in a daze and asked, “Is it a girl or a boy?” When the nurse half murmured “It’s a boy” I remember rolling it around my mind and mouth telling it to myself “Ho A boy!” I know it sounds all scary but trust me at that time I was numb! By then came a shrillest cry that lightened the entire mood.They told me they had to clear his air passage – thankfully it was all fine and did not warrant any visit to Pead or NICU. I was later informed that they had to use forceps as baby was in distress

But the moment I will treasure for life is when  go to hold my baby for the first time. My eyes hungrily feasted on every sight of my perfect little boy!


Born 5:29:02 at Cloud Nine, Bangalore  :-*

Muah kannaaaa.. you have made my world a much much happier place to be in!

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ”