Of Toddler Milestones

So I am now officially a toddler 😀 I wonder why mamma keeps moping that she is missing her ‘baby’! I thought she was in a hurry for me to grow up – Amma, remember those colic cries and cluster feeds when you would keep wondering (aloud!) when I’d grow out of all this !!

And I have caught amma giving me the stinky eye over my talking and walking milestones! I mean, I do keep blabbering to her through the day – but supposedly that doesn’t count. She wants me to talk clear coherent words ****Rolling eyes at her**** Also she doesn’t seem very happy about the fact that I have taken to calling everybodd everything) “amma” – from grandma to the overhead fan . See am trying to “communicate” but she doesn’t seem to be getting it!

And her favorite grouse is “walking”. Supposedly in her rule-book, I should be walking(if not running) by now considering I started crawling by eighth month. She says four months is more than enough to have mastered it! Ho the pressure of growing up I say…

I remember somewhere between 3 – 3.5 months when I hadn’t yet perfected the “rolling over” part – she would keep incessantly murmuring in my ears “Roll over, Roll Over”. Ho ho I better start taking things in my hand – what if she now invokes the walking mantra!

And in other news, around my birthday I popped my first teeth. Mamma was heard telling her friends that I acted as if I was “possessed”  :-O



Yea Yea Toddlerhood 😀 Bhavimma this suits me no!


18 thoughts on “Of Toddler Milestones

  1. Enjoy these wonder years…these are the best times…you’ll have loads of stories to share as you begin to discover the world around you and learn to navigate the world of grown-ups! There is so much to discover everyday for you and mamma both…I can tell you’ll love to read this when you grow up 🙂


  2. ‘Missing her baby’ – that made me totally roll with laughter little one. Your amma is too cute for words. Congratulations on that tooth. Put it to good use now – look around you and you’ll find plenty of chewables. have fun.


  3. You look so handsome in that dress 🙂 And your amma, she’s a paavam only underneath, don’t worry about it. Just hug her and love her a bit more, she’ll be fine.


  4. I’m so so happy that you are walking and talking darling A! 😀
    I’m sure we will have splendid conversations and complaints about your mumma when I visit!! 😀 😀


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