Over a weekend…..

Hmpf mamma doesn’t seem very happy from yesterday! I have been down with a cough – she is blaming my crawling around in the corridor and of course her favorite culprit – my mouthing anything and evrything! Poor me – I have been under house arrest! She gives my poor achamma stinky eyes cause she tried taking me for a cycle ride on the corridor :-/

Despite all this – I was upto quite a few cool things this week πŸ˜€

So mamma got this stack of rings when I was eight months! Of course I was clueless on what she wanted me to do with those rings – I thought they made such colorful bangles though! But she’s been at it with extra vigor over past few weeks – today I decided to indulge her and stack them up properly! Mamma even managed to take a video

And I don’t know why mamma keeps avoiding the kitchen! If you ask me that’s the coolest corner in the house! There is always a big basket of balls that I can practice throwing with (Onion n tomatoes anybody?) and then there are random bits of raw rice, dal lying around that I can pop into my mouth – helps with pincer grip you see! Nowadays I have taken to helping grandma with flipping dosas! I even stoop low to check if the gas is on or not – can never trust this people right! Dosas Anybody?

Ammama was visiting us over the weekend. So when I showed off my clapping and Hi-Five skills she seemed mighty amused and after a point started calling me “monkey”… Haaw! Supposedly she thought it was very funny that not only do I clap for myself but expect everybody around to clap for me for throwing the ball\for returning amma’s specs\for closing the bottle\for having my meds… you get the flow right! And there I thought I was being “self motivated”.

But anyways I managed to get some brownie points from ammama when I fed her dosa from my plate πŸ˜€ So all is well in the world now!



Doesn’t Ammam look stoked with me πŸ˜€


13 thoughts on “Over a weekend…..

  1. Ha ha ha…this was cute. The Hi5s and the flying kisses. I just adored them. Our little one used to scream ‘Taali maar’ for Hi5 as she learned it from the house help. Kidd are a wonderful lot. Enjoy every moment thoroughly Meena. It just vanishes so fast. And then they enter the rat race however much we don’t want them to. πŸ™‚


  2. aww!! I loved the dosa flipping video which your mumma had generously shared with me!
    You continue being the adorable monkey that you are and never mind your mumma! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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