Dadaa and I!

I think amma is just plain jealous of dadaaaaaa(yea thats wat I call my dad) – Why else would she not write about him here huh! As it is she does not seem very happy that I wake up chanting “Dadaa Dadaaa” in the middle of the night – hmpf!

Dadaa and I make such an awesome team I tell you – we drink together, play together(I am his cheerleader from badminton to darts), swing together(he takes me up up up much to ammas horror) and even swim together! And lets not even talk of what a fab photographer he is – yea yea I head his fan association you see 😀


And ho ho – how can I not tell you guys this! It was ammas birthday last month and she was super delighted that dadaa atlast got her a “thoughtful” gift – he supposedly read up reviews n all! But then her jaw literally hit the ground when she was this loving message he had scribbled inside – her eyes literally popped out … hee hee hee! But thankfully for dadaa she loved this book (Fine Family by Gurucharan Das) and so for now it is all hunky dory here 😀



Furry Tales!

I dono why mamma does not at times get the fact that everybody – just about everybody – loves variety in the food they eat! Imagine, would you like it if you were fed the same old greens everyday!!

So it is with these thoughts that I decided to generously give these little friends  a share of whatever I was mouthing ! But of course mamma acted all holy moly – she snatched it away from my hand and gave me a stinky eye!! As if that was not enough, she rudely threw away the little leftovers that I had safely held onto.

Who knew she would create such ruckus simply cause I tried pushing in some stones that I was mouthing into the mouth of my little friends – I just wanted to share my loot with these snugly rabbit friends of mine :-/ And now she insists on keeping a hawk eye at us… ooph!