Furry Tales!

I dono why mamma does not at times get the fact that everybody – just about everybody – loves variety in the food they eat! Imagine, would you like it if you were fed the same old greens everyday!!

So it is with these thoughts that I decided to generously give these little friendsย  a share of whatever I was mouthing ! But of course mamma acted all holy moly – she snatched it away from my hand and gave me a stinky eye!! As if that was not enough, she rudely threw away the little leftovers that I had safely held onto.

Who knew she would create such ruckus simply cause I tried pushing in some stones that I was mouthing into the mouth of my little friends – I just wanted to share my loot with these snugly rabbit friends of mine :-/ And now she insists on keeping a hawk eye at us… ooph!



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