Cookiie Pie!

So the other day, we were all out shopping in this local Jayanagar market! And you know how the scene there is – much jostling, vendor shouting out their wares and non stop vehicle honking! After a while my achamma(paternal granma) said in passing “Ho what a goodboy my little koochi is! He did not even whimper a bit despite the crowd and the sound”! But even before I could gloat, this momma rolled her eyes and said “Ho try stepping out with him without the “cookiie” and then we shall talk of what a good boy the koochi is!” Hmpf!!!!

Yea yea, this “Cookiie” is our trusted companion whenever we step out right from when I was a 3 month old babe. I think initially my Achammama frowned upon it and would call it a “jail” but err now even she has become a convert and will ensure that we tag it along even if momma by chance forgets it!!!

Well what can I say – I get to snuggle up to momma, lying close to her heart – warm and tight even as I take in the scenes and sounds around me! And ho the number of trips we have made with this – from busiest vegetable markets to railway stations to crowded temples to beaches to malls – you name it, we have done it together thanks to our “Cookiie”:-D

And psst psst, I think mamma gets a “Super Momma” feeling as she trods along with me as she juggles those big bg shopping carts, suitcases, vegetable bags et al!

PicMonkey Collage

Ho yea – Am absolutely in love with them!

And lookie lookie who was the model for “Cookiie” on this Mothers day 😀



Linking this to day 3 of WT write fest

PS: The carriers commercially available in most Indian retail outlets – Meemee, mothercare, Chicco are all non ergonomic. You could get more details on babywearing and ergonomic carriers here



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