Promises to Keep

Do you know who came visiting us yesterday. My dear Vinnie – We had such an awesome time! He read me lot of books, carried me along an even palyed “bobba”(mamma keeps syaing it is “ball” – but I think bobba sounds better). Momma keeps saying he writes beautiful notes -I was sooo excited to receive this one 😀

Dearest Calvin,

I promise you this, and perhaps you know it too, I’m very very happy when I come to meet you. The hours of travel are long, but they go by quickly because I know your smile is at the end of that trip.  🙂

I promise you that that smile is biggest when playing with you. Your amma says that I gel well with babies, and I guess I do. I remember the day when I first met you, almost exactly a year ago. 😀 I remember how happily you gurgled as you reached toward a toy I held above you. I remember how happy you were in my arms, how quickly you had come to me. I remember you being bathed, and how you showed off to me while P aunty oiled your legs. :mrgreen: It’s a memory I cherish.

I promise you, that the gift I picked out for you for your first birthday was something I loved doing. Though others wanted me to choose baby stuff and not a toy, that Winnie the Pooh was something I wanted you to have from the moment I set eyes on it. When I saw you playing with it today, I was delighted. I remember you playing with that long tunnel toy when I last came, and how you came to me through it.  🙂

I promise you, that you’ll have many more stories to read when you grow up. When I came to know you were going to be born, I had given your Amma a book of fairy tales to read to you. When you become a little older, I hope that you read them too. And love reading it. When I read to you today, and you kept giving me other books to read, it felt nice. 🙂

I’m delighted that you are my godson, and I will come back soon to visit you again, and when I do, I promise you this… we shall kick your “boba” together again, and trouble your Amma too. Maybe I shall find another awesome t-shirt for you too, so my handsome godson can pose for the camera gain. 😀 Keep smiling, Calvin, and try not to worry your Amma till I come back. We can gang up on her. What say? 😉

Your Vinnie.
The One who gave you your Winnie.



Vinnie got me tat Winniw and the tee 😀


Go Tango!


Of Noodles and wishes!

Today evening amma was jumping up and down with glee in the kitchen. I even caught dadaa smiling appreciatively at her! She even went ahead and shared it with her “gang’ on whatsapp and am sure they all rooted for her(like they had a choice huh!). She was also heard  murmuring herself “Ho so it took my kanimaa to get me to cook this”….

Drumrolls please –  Today my momma made “noodles” for the first time ever in her 30+ years of life – Haaawie!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think “Maa ke haath ka khaana” will just be a wishful thinking for me 😀


“Guess who made n whGoo ate noodles for the time in life today”


Go Tang



I remember mama pausing before the shoe aisle, a hand protectively over her tummy! I could sense her heat leaping in pleasure as she saw those pretty pink booties! She caressed those tiny shoes lovingly before setting them aside. Her heart told her to pick those candy pink booties for didn’t she know in hearts of her hearts that it will be little girl. But the ever-dominant practical mind prodded in with a “what if”. As always, her mind ruled over her heart…..

Today 18 months later she is back shopping for some tiny shoes for the same baby who is now a pesky little toddler! She happily walks upto the shoe aisle – picks up the most colorful of the crocs(have you seen th choices they have for boys shoes!) and then with a barely hidden glee skips across rows and rows of colorful hair bands, ear rings, bangles and stockings!!!!

She can only thank her lucky stars that her only child is  a boy – simply cause I dread at the prospect of the ruckus the little girls wardrobe would have been! With hair pins and rubberbands strewn all over the place, with lop-sided plaits and kajal-strewn face – that child would have “fashion” scarred for life huh!

As they say – whatever happens, happens for the good!


Go Tango!


Caught Red-Handed!


Mamma calls this “Cake Smash“–supposedly is a “coming of age” thing for a toddler to do on his first birthday! So she expected me to literally smash the cake and smear it all over me! She even goaded me and smeared a wee bit cream on my body! I was sport enough to dip my finger wee bit into it – But yikes it was so squirmy that I had none of it!!

Sigh – what crazy ideas she gets I tell you!

Baby -1 Amma – 0!!!!!


Go Tango!


Fragile Lives

Fragile indeed are the lives of food, books and toys in the hands of these little imps! And I think you graduate to a “parent” when you sit down to mend back the torn pages and broken toys 😀


Talking of “fragile” –  I wonder what is with my Kannan and his birthdays! Until he was one, he was more often than not sick on his “monthly” birthday :-/  Of course the topping on the cake, was when he down with very high fever bang on his first birthday :-/

Today he turns 18 months – he was at last beginning to have his distinct likes. So I got him a book that I knew he would love! But guess what – from yesterday night he is been having a bad bout of dry cough and cold :-/

But how the book perked him up 😀 Here he is sitting down with the book – minutes after waking up from sleep with incessant cough and vomiting! It indeed warmed my heart 🙂 Do ignore the mess – he decided he wanted to read the book even before we changed the bed-spread!


For those of you  interested, these two “Lift the Flap” books are highly recommended for 1+ toddlers.. They have been a superhit at our home. Do tell me if you have any other recommendations for him?




Go Tango!


Doodhu Man!

“Doodhu Doodhu” – if you ask amma, she’ll tell you that these words are literally my “mantra”

But this mamma I tell you – she used to scream when I (a mere few days old baby then, mind you) would latch on to her breast! I think she even once tried kicking off the nurse who was helping her latch me on. She would complain to anybody who would lend her ear that her boobs and nipples hurt when I latched on – until one day her gyneac rolled her eyes and said “It hurts because nobody has sucked your breast until now”… ROFL!!

But ho – the tough times she gave me those first few days – she would literally grit her teeth, give me stinky eyes and even make faces at me every time I would whimper for doodhu! Apparently somebody told her that babies are supposed to drink once every two hours! So she would spoil my poor dadaa’s happiness ranting to him, because I would cry out every 45 minutes and that too exactly when she used to settle down with her cup of tea and newspaper ***Evil grin***

And here I was helping her establish her breast milk supply by staying stuck at her boobs for hours together- “Cluster feeding” indeed! But of course she got all the wrong ideas and was this close to crying “low supply” and putting me on formula milk – haawwie!!!

Thankfully it was in this phase that she came to know of this wonderful support group on FB – Breast Feeding Support For Indian moms! They put to rest all her silly notions and gave her all the reassurances she needed. Today, as soon as she knows a friend is expecting a baby son, the first thing she does is send them the link to this FB group! And rightfully so – for it is this group we owe our 18 month old (and going strong) breast-feeding journey to.

PS: Today I overhear her telling a friend that “breast-feeding” is the biggest armor in her motherhood journey! Ha well as long as I get my “doodhu” it is all hunky dory I say !!

Mamma tells me its is Breastfeeding awareness week now – more power to my favorite  doodhu I say 😀


Drunk on my favorite Doodhu 😀


Let not “what you don’t know” about breastfeeding be the reason a child is denied of this liquid gold!


Go Tango!