Doodhu Man!

“Doodhu Doodhu” – if you ask amma, she’ll tell you that these words are literally my “mantra”

But this mamma I tell you – she used to scream when I (a mere few days old baby then, mind you) would latch on to her breast! I think she even once tried kicking off the nurse who was helping her latch me on. She would complain to anybody who would lend her ear that her boobs and nipples hurt when I latched on – until one day her gyneac rolled her eyes and said “It hurts because nobody has sucked your breast until now”… ROFL!!

But ho – the tough times she gave me those first few days – she would literally grit her teeth, give me stinky eyes and even make faces at me every time I would whimper for doodhu! Apparently somebody told her that babies are supposed to drink once every two hours! So she would spoil my poor dadaa’s happiness ranting to him, because I would cry out every 45 minutes and that too exactly when she used to settle down with her cup of tea and newspaper ***Evil grin***

And here I was helping her establish her breast milk supply by staying stuck at her boobs for hours together- “Cluster feeding” indeed! But of course she got all the wrong ideas and was this close to crying “low supply” and putting me on formula milk – haawwie!!!

Thankfully it was in this phase that she came to know of this wonderful support group on FB – Breast Feeding Support For Indian moms! They put to rest all her silly notions and gave her all the reassurances she needed. Today, as soon as she knows a friend is expecting a baby son, the first thing she does is send them the link to this FB group! And rightfully so – for it is this group we owe our 18 month old (and going strong) breast-feeding journey to.

PS: Today I overhear her telling a friend that “breast-feeding” is the biggest armor in her motherhood journey! Ha well as long as I get my “doodhu” it is all hunky dory I say !!

Mamma tells me its is Breastfeeding awareness week now – more power to my favoriteย  doodhu I say ๐Ÿ˜€


Drunk on my favorite Doodhu ๐Ÿ˜€


Let not “what you don’t know” about breastfeeding be the reason a child is denied of this liquid gold!


Go Tango!




8 thoughts on “Doodhu Man!

  1. Wow, you have breastfeeding support groups on fb too! Way to go, Facebook!
    That was such a humorous account by your little bachcha, Meena! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Give him a tight hug from me, will you? โ™กโ™ก


  2. OUCH! I think my breasts twinged in empathy for you. How I remember those breastfeeding days! They act like it should be so natural since moms have been doing it since the beginning. It’s still not easy. It can be so exhausting and it hurts. I remember having cracked nipples and my sons liked to bite. Still, I persisted as you have done and it’s so worth it. Glad to hear that there is a support group to help for those rough times.


  3. I’m surprised you have a child so peaceful and content, unlike his mommy ๐Ÿ˜€
    But on a serious note, it’s so helpful having such support groups around, alle?


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