Fragile Lives

Fragile indeed are the lives of food, books and toys in the hands of these little imps! And I think you graduate to a “parent” when you sit down to mend back the torn pages and broken toys 😀


Talking of “fragile” –  I wonder what is with my Kannan and his birthdays! Until he was one, he was more often than not sick on his “monthly” birthday :-/  Of course the topping on the cake, was when he down with very high fever bang on his first birthday :-/

Today he turns 18 months – he was at last beginning to have his distinct likes. So I got him a book that I knew he would love! But guess what – from yesterday night he is been having a bad bout of dry cough and cold :-/

But how the book perked him up 😀 Here he is sitting down with the book – minutes after waking up from sleep with incessant cough and vomiting! It indeed warmed my heart 🙂 Do ignore the mess – he decided he wanted to read the book even before we changed the bed-spread!


For those of you  interested, these two “Lift the Flap” books are highly recommended for 1+ toddlers.. They have been a superhit at our home. Do tell me if you have any other recommendations for him?




Go Tango!


10 thoughts on “Fragile Lives

  1. Aw he’s reading already! Lord I cannot remember what books the kids liked – it seems so far away. I do hope he gets well soon.


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