I remember mama pausing before the shoe aisle, a hand protectively over her tummy! I could sense her heat leaping in pleasure as she saw those pretty pink booties! She caressed those tiny shoes lovingly before setting them aside. Her heart told her to pick those candy pink booties for didn’t she know in hearts of her hearts that it will be little girl. But the ever-dominant practical mind prodded in with a “what if”. As always, her mind ruled over her heart…..

Today 18 months later she is back shopping for some tiny shoes for the same baby who is now a pesky little toddler! She happily walks upto the shoe aisle – picks up the most colorful of the crocs(have you seen th choices they have for boys shoes!) and then with a barely hidden glee skips across rows and rows of colorful hair bands, ear rings, bangles and stockings!!!!

She can only thank her lucky stars that her only child is  a boy – simply cause I dread at the prospect of the ruckus the little girls wardrobe would have been! With hair pins and rubberbands strewn all over the place, with lop-sided plaits and kajal-strewn face – that child would have “fashion” scarred for life huh!

As they say – whatever happens, happens for the good!


Go Tango!


4 thoughts on “Fashionista!

  1. Heh heh heh mama – You underestimate your son. You wait and you watch – the mess that boys create – way worse than girls’ wardrobes. *Goes off rubbing hands in glee*


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