Of Noodles and wishes!

Today evening amma was jumping up and down with glee in the kitchen. I even caught dadaa smiling appreciatively at her! She even went ahead and shared it with her “gang’ on whatsapp and am sure they all rooted for her(like they had a choice huh!). She was also heard  murmuring herself “Ho so it took my kanimaa to get me to cook this”….

Drumrolls please –  Today my momma made “noodles” for the first time ever in her 30+ years of life – Haaawie!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think “Maa ke haath ka khaana” will just be a wishful thinking for me 😀


“Guess who made n whGoo ate noodles for the time in life today”


Go Tang


5 thoughts on “Of Noodles and wishes!

  1. You are a lucky and blessed one, lil baby!
    No, ma ke haath ka khana will not be a wishful thinking for you but a very yummy and beautiful reality! ♥


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