Cloth Diaper Review: CDS FAP

I am what I call a very practical parent at least as far as “monetary” things are concerned- sigh! So I am not somebody who would spend a zillion on toys or clothes or anything fancy – I would rather spend the money on a family vacation! What we have though, are loads of books, simple wooden and Montessori toys, crayons and paint brushes, some good old denim dungarees and lots of tees to mix and match!

When this little man was very “little” – he was a poop master! He would poop like 10 times on a good day – so imagine the number of diapers we would use in a day! And then there was this incessant fear of diaper rashes! Also the waste bin overflowing with disposables pinched the naturist in me. Did you know one disposable diaper takes decades to decompose. It was then that I went looking for some “alternatives”. I came across this wonderful group on “Cloth Diapering India” on FB.

And what a world of “CD”(Cloth diapering) did I discover – from the good old flats to the more modern and convenient “Pockets” / “Diaper Covers” / “All in Ones”. I have to mention here that I was totally flummoxed on how to use them! Poornima was one of the first ones to help me take the baby steps – she is a mompreneur who deals with CDs. Now this is noteworthy, because I had not even bought one single diaper from her then – I really appreciate how selflessly she reached out and helped me! Few months down the line, we had a set of “China Cheapies” (Called so as they are made in China) which were doing their job just fine – all those exhorbitantly priced imported US ones were not my cup of tea! I have been told they are much superior in pee absorption and fit – but honestly I did not see the point in paying through my nose for them (3-5K for a single diaper – no thank you!). I would rather use disposables for night times and outings!

It was around this time I heard people raving about “FAP”\”Marvy” that was the brainchild and designed from scratch by Poornima of CDS. People who were until then using those pricey ones started shifting loyalties to FAP\Mervy! And the topping on the cake was that, it costed a fraction of the imported ones! That was all the push I needed to try this one… And man am I surprised or what!! They fit like a dream on my leanie-beanie (and I have seen pics where they fit equally well on much chubbier babies) but most importantly just after few uses I am now confident enough to use it for day outings also. Now it did take me a few more days before I was brave enough to take the giant leap of confidence and put it on him at night – only to realize I should have done this months ago (and saved myself some good money while doing a favor on long suffering mother Earth!).

But what I really love about these FAP diaper is the ease of usage. They are as convenient as a disposable diaper – all you have to do is snap them up on the little one and it is good to go! There is also no inconvenience of changing it every one or two hours (which is the biggest bane of normal CD) – they last as long (if not more) as your disposables! The recommended weight limit is 3- 15kg – So you are good to go from new born days all the way until they are 3 years! And did I mention, the inserts are made of organic cotton which are great at absorbing pee  and is perfectly safe on babys skin!

So if you have a child who isn’t yet potty trained, do your pockets (and nature) some favor and hop on to CDs. And it is super cute to see their bums move up and down as they crawl around in these uber cute prints.


This is the fav dipe of my “mee-mee” lover(fishes are mee-mee in his language)

For all of us who are money-conscious here are some interesting statistics. Did you know (even by very conservative standard) that we end up spending a good 20k per year on disposables – which means you would have spent at least 40-50k before the child is potty trained. Now, if you were an exclusively -cloth diapering parent, you could comfortably diaper your child for almost one third of that amount!


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