Fragile Lives

Fragile indeed are the lives of food, books and toys in the hands of these little imps! And I think you graduate to a “parent” when you sit down to mend back the torn pages and broken toys πŸ˜€


Talking of “fragile” –Β  I wonder what is with my Kannan and his birthdays! Until he was one, he was more often than not sick on his “monthly” birthday :-/Β  Of course the topping on the cake, was when he down with very high fever bang on his first birthday :-/

Today he turns 18 months – he was at last beginning to have his distinct likes. So I got him a book that I knew he would love! But guess what – from yesterday night he is been having a bad bout of dry cough and cold :-/

But how the book perked him up πŸ˜€ Here he is sitting down with the book – minutes after waking up from sleep with incessant cough and vomiting! It indeed warmed my heart πŸ™‚ Do ignore the mess – he decided he wanted to read the book even before we changed the bed-spread!


For those of youΒ  interested, these two “Lift the Flap” books are highly recommended for 1+ toddlers.. They have been a superhit at our home. Do tell me if you have any other recommendations for him?




Go Tango!


Doodhu Man!

“Doodhu Doodhu” – if you ask amma, she’ll tell you that these words are literally my “mantra”

But this mamma I tell you – she used to scream when I (a mere few days old baby then, mind you) would latch on to her breast! I think she even once tried kicking off the nurse who was helping her latch me on. She would complain to anybody who would lend her ear that her boobs and nipples hurt when I latched on – until one day her gyneac rolled her eyes and said “It hurts because nobody has sucked your breast until now”… ROFL!!

But ho – the tough times she gave me those first few days – she would literally grit her teeth, give me stinky eyes and even make faces at me every time I would whimper for doodhu! Apparently somebody told her that babies are supposed to drink once every two hours! So she would spoil my poor dadaa’s happiness ranting to him, because I would cry out every 45 minutes and that too exactly when she used to settle down with her cup of tea and newspaper ***Evil grin***

And here I was helping her establish her breast milk supply by staying stuck at her boobs for hours together- “Cluster feeding” indeed! But of course she got all the wrong ideas and was this close to crying “low supply” and putting me on formula milk – haawwie!!!

Thankfully it was in this phase that she came to know of this wonderful support group on FB – Breast Feeding Support For Indian moms! They put to rest all her silly notions and gave her all the reassurances she needed. Today, as soon as she knows a friend is expecting a baby son, the first thing she does is send them the link to this FB group! And rightfully so – for it is this group we owe our 18 month old (and going strong) breast-feeding journey to.

PS: Today I overhear her telling a friend that “breast-feeding” is the biggest armor in her motherhood journey! Ha well as long as I get my “doodhu” it is all hunky dory I say !!

Mamma tells me its is Breastfeeding awareness week now – more power to my favoriteΒ  doodhu I say πŸ˜€


Drunk on my favorite Doodhu πŸ˜€


Let not “what you don’t know” about breastfeeding be the reason a child is denied of this liquid gold!


Go Tango!




Cookiie Pie!

So the other day, we were all out shopping in this local Jayanagar market! And you know how the scene there is – much jostling, vendor shouting out their wares and non stop vehicle honking! After a while my achamma(paternal granma) said in passing “Ho what a goodboy my little koochi is! He did not even whimper a bit despite the crowd and the sound”! But even before I could gloat, this momma rolled her eyes and said “Ho try stepping out with him without the “cookiie” and then we shall talk of what a good boy the koochi is!” Hmpf!!!!

Yea yea, this “Cookiie” is our trusted companion whenever we step out right from when I was a 3 month old babe. I think initially my Achammama frowned upon it and would call it a “jail” but err now even she has become a convert and will ensure that we tag it along even if momma by chance forgets it!!!

Well what can I say – I get to snuggle up to momma, lying close to her heart – warm and tight even as I take in the scenes and sounds around me! And ho the number of trips we have made with this – from busiest vegetable markets to railway stations to crowded temples to beaches to malls – you name it, we have done it together thanks to our “Cookiie”:-D

And psst psst, I think mamma gets a “Super Momma” feeling as she trods along with me as she juggles those big bg shopping carts, suitcases, vegetable bags et al!

PicMonkey Collage

Ho yea – Am absolutely in love with them!

And lookie lookie who was the model for “Cookiie” on this Mothers day πŸ˜€



Linking this to day 3 of WT write fest

PS: The carriers commercially available in most Indian retail outlets – Meemee, mothercare, Chicco are all non ergonomic. You could get more details on babywearing and ergonomic carriers here



Toddler Diaries

Huh huh – guess who is been missing on action! Did you people miss me…. BlameΒ  Mumma of course! Me being my generous self,Β  will list out some awesome things I have been upto recently…..

  • Cause I knew Mamma will drive me up the wall, I decided to get walking a few months! Mamma says I can be the mascot for Johny walker πŸ˜€ Now that’s a good thing no
  • Mamma is been on cloud nine since we signed our first(and only) “Modelling” assignment πŸ˜€ More news to follow πŸ˜‰
  • And on another “first” of sorts, we (I and mamma)”danced” for the first time ever in public :-D. Of course now the entire world knows taht she was not exaggerating a bit when she said she says she has two left legs πŸ˜€ Stay tuned for details πŸ˜›
  • Mamma is been ruing that am a fussy eater! Huh, huh – nobody appreciates a connoisseur I say!! N I thought size “zero” is the latest trend – then why is mamma making such a fuss about me!
  • I have learnt to go “up down” on swing, go “round n round” on the merry-go-round, go on a “slide” and climb up the monkey bar πŸ˜€
  • I have my “mammamaa”(ammamma – maternal grandma), “chachaaa” (paternal grandpa – achachaa) n “nu” (“Anu” is what everybody calls my paternal grandma) wrapped around my lit finger. That etaaa is still a dicey figure though – refuses to be charmed :-/
  • Mamma says I have taken after my mema(aunt) and talk “fifty to a dozen”(She is totally making that up!). And she is not least amused by my two fav fav words “dadaa”(my dad) and my fav “Doodhu”(Breastmilk) πŸ˜€
  • And at 17 months, I have a grand total of 4 teeth. No prizes for guessing mamma aint one bit happy about it – But but poking my jaws roughly aint gona do the trick rt
  • The only time she grins like a cheshire cat is when I drag my books along! She has promised to write soon about my “bow bow” book!

So as you can see, we have been having some long days out here – mamma promises to come back over the week and tell you more about tjem! Linking this to day 1 of WT write fest…





Dadaa and I!

I think amma is just plain jealous of dadaaaaaa(yea thats wat I call my dad) – Why else would she not write about him here huh! As it is she does not seem very happy that I wake up chanting “Dadaa Dadaaa” in the middle of the night – hmpf!

Dadaa and I make such an awesome team I tell you – we drink together, play together(I am his cheerleader from badminton to darts), swing together(he takes me up up up much to ammas horror) and even swim together! And lets not even talk of what a fab photographer he is – yea yea I head his fan association you see πŸ˜€


And ho ho – how can I not tell you guys this! It was ammas birthday last month and she was super delighted that dadaa atlast got her a “thoughtful” gift – he supposedly read up reviews n all! But then her jaw literally hit the ground when she was this loving message he had scribbled inside – her eyes literally popped out … hee hee hee! But thankfully for dadaa she loved this book (Fine Family by Gurucharan Das) and so for now it is all hunky dory here πŸ˜€



Furry Tales!

I dono why mamma does not at times get the fact that everybody – just about everybody – loves variety in the food they eat! Imagine, would you like it if you were fed the same old greens everyday!!

So it is with these thoughts that I decided to generously give these little friendsΒ  a share of whatever I was mouthing ! But of course mamma acted all holy moly – she snatched it away from my hand and gave me a stinky eye!! As if that was not enough, she rudely threw away the little leftovers that I had safely held onto.

Who knew she would create such ruckus simply cause I tried pushing in some stones that I was mouthing into the mouth of my little friends – I just wanted to share my loot with these snugly rabbit friends of mine :-/ And now she insists on keeping a hawk eye at us… ooph!



Of Brown Bears….

Somebody please tell amma that she has to make up her mind! Till other day she was cribbing that I don’t love my books. So this time I indulged her as she read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see” and did not crawl away till the last page. And simply cause momma had a happy grin (ok ok I did enjoy it a wee bit) I asked for the book to be read again and then again and then again!

Now you would expect her to jump up and down with glee rt – But no she unceremoniously dumped me(along with the book) with my achamma (gradnma) who happily proceeded to read it again to meΒ  – Thank god for her !


Mamma says this is the only time I sit put at one place!

Amma never seems happy when I wake up for my 1 am feed :-O So yesterday when I woke up, I was so glad to see “Brown bear brown bear” beside me – I was pretty sure she would hug me and read me to sleep! But but who would have guessed – she literally flung the book from the bed and popped in the boobie into my mouth… Haaaw!!

Please tell her that practice makes a man(Child) perfect.. so she ought to indulge me even if I ask the book to be read 10 times back to back (who knew she was actually keeping a count :-O ). And she thinks if she reads it in a boring monotone sound, I will be put off – ha ha πŸ˜‰

PS: Thaddikaaro-maamo, I know I know you got me this book after two weeks of research! Amma was seen shaking her head in disbelief and awe at the very thought of it. But now I think she is no more amused and may soon take out a quotation on you – don’t complain you were not warned!

Mamma is linking this to Vidya aunty’s Gratitude post. She says she is indebted tp Thaadikaaran Maama for igniting this love for books in me and hope this becomes a lifetime affair! Strange ways she has to show her gratitude though rt πŸ˜€