37W 5D

37 Weeks 5 days…

Doesn’t that seem like  an odd no  …Even I thought so! But coz mamma says that’s the exact no of days I spent in womb before popping out and well today I am exactly 37 W 5D old! Trust amma to get all excited for such things…..

Talking of my in-utero days – I was a pretty chilled out guy once I settled down there! The only grouse I had was the no. of time amma kept puking –  Only  if she had listened to me and didnt’t keep having gallons of that pomegranate juice or those yucky vitamin tablets or that bland idli or morning cup of tea or mounds of rice I could have had such a pleasant stay. And before I forget, amma had this very irritating habit of poking me just as I would settle down for a siesta after a full meal – Trust her to choose the most inopportune time for “kick count”. Phew! And I see mamma having such a gleeful expression on her face when she talks about these kicks – such sadism I say!

Cos Mamma says, she has to share this very special pic with you – here it is(aargh!).! Look closely – nee nee its no alien. Thats me in the womb somewhere at end of fifth month!

21 W 4D In-Utero!

21 W 4D In-Utero!


And we go shopping….

I was visiting my Muthashan-Muthashi(Grandpa – gradma) for the first time in Chennai. Of course, they were very excited to have me over and rightly so! I totally rocked the party and was generally having a gala time with all of them fussing over me. But then came the bummer…..Muthashi’s mother had to be hospitalized! I did try cheering all of them up – but there is only so much a little soul can do rt.

So it was the weekend after she was discharged – we went to this departmental stores for some grocery shopping. Now I tell you, these departmental stores are so much fun. Imagine, stacks and stacks of things arranged! Just the perfect venue for a game of “Bowling” I say 😀

So as I was saying, once at the store – I decided to be very large hearted and let them entertain me to their hearts content! They wanted to take me on a ride in the shopping trolley and I let them be. Then Muthashi had this brain-wave of  placing on top of a big stack of chairs and I very boldly sat on top it – even am impressed with my bravery! But I think amma-dada took it too far by plopping me into a shopping basket – Haaw!

As we were stepping out I heard muthashan murmur “The world is a much happier place to live in thanx to this lit fella”of course he didnt say it in so many words – but you get the drift rt). The things one has to do for the family I say…..

PicMonkey Collage


Excerpts from my first party!

This amma has a weird sense of fashion I tell you! Can you imagine an Knee length suit – yea a proper three piece suit that reached my knee!(ok ok it was an onesie really…. but it still looked like a suit)  What a fashion Faux Pas – beats me why amma finds it mighty amusing!

Remember though what I told you about the silver lining! To make up for the fashion disaster, my muthashan’s bro let me hold his glass of beer for a moment. Of course I sneakily dipped my fingers and slyly licked them clean 😀  Ho the forbidden pleasures of life…

And before I forget – I got to try my hands at Karaoke! I jumped into dada’s arms as he was singing my favorite “Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte” –  got hold of the microphone and sang alongside! Considering it is my first attempt at “public singing” I think I did a fab job going by all the applause I got at the end of it. Am sure they loved how I sang “Aaaaaaa” non stop in a loop – such amazing breath control even if I say so myself!


Now am in a new predicament – help me out will you?? I thought it was good manners to smile at the camera as soon as the flash goes off – see this way the photographer need not retake pics rt! But why do my folks find it hilarious? So am being overtly generous by smiling at the flash even when am in midst of  tantrum – see what a god boy am I!

But amma is been shaking her head in disbelief and muttering “Narcisst”. Of course one has to learn to appreciate beautiful things – so what if it is our own face rt? Amma doesn’t realize she got saved from many a meltdown simply cause I caught a reflection of myself in mirror! Such ungrateful people I say…..


Of Midnight Parties and Papparazi!

Now I know why dada keeps raving about night parties – they are totally cool I say! All those “chug chug” sounds, blinking lights n jostling crowds – I totally lapped them all up! Thankfully mama was a sport this time and let me “party” all the way until midnight!! I think I’ll just excuse those under the breath mutterings and dagger looks she was shooting at my poor dada for booking a late-night train! If you ask me, Bangalore Majestic railway station should be rated the most happening midnight party-destination 😀

Talking about trains, somebody tell mamma that she cannot expect to stretch and sleep in the train especially when we are co-sleeping! Also pushing me against the narrow berth is so not happening! I have been told, she had once given my poor mema(aunt) third degree lectures on “Mothers love, sacrifice” – now only if she put some of it to practice! Since I am generally an accommodating person, I only whimpered a wee bit and let mama hang half outside the seat for this time..

Imagine this is how I had to sleep thru the night. Ho my poor back!

Imagine this is how I had to sleep thru the night. Ho my poor back!

Anyways as they say there is a silver lining behind every cloud. So at the end of this five hour long ordeal, we land in Chennai to the bling-bling of camera lights! Ho how I love these paparazzi – especially when they come in the form of grandparents! Today if there are records of me snoozing away in train, of train chugging into the station, of the platform where the train arrived, of the taxi that whisked us home – its all thanks to my dearest muthashan(grandpa)….

Now I’m off to meet my Grandpa’s family – time to put on my charming smile and get more people dancing around my little finger 😀 Stay tuned for my Chennai adventures……….

Look wat Grandpa arranged for my welcome :-D

Look wat Muthashan arranged for my welcome 😀


Nom Nom Stories!

Of course momma firmly believes in living to eat! That explains this kick-off post I guess(!!!). This one is reposted from momma’s blog

“Like momma, like son ” she squeals as I lick clean the last spoon of ragi porridge! Duh Mamma – if all you were fed through your life – the entire 6.5 months- is that breaastmilk am sure you too would lap up anything that comes near your mouth.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that am missing the party! I see my ammamma(thank good for her!) rue “Add at least a spoon of sugar in that kurke…. Poor kannan, it’s so tasteless “. As if my  bull headed amma will lsiten. Instead she gives a long lecture on “no salt, no sugar, no honey until he’s one“! Anyways I wonder what this “sugar” is…..

Looks like if I let this mamma have her way, my taste buds would be dead by the time am one. So I have decided to take things into my hands – errr into my tongue I mean. I now lick things off the floor :-D. I have managed bits n pieces of this n that! But as luck will have it, ammamma is not being my partner in crime – instead she keeps flicking off my prized possessions from the floor! Hmpf! Looks like its time to up my game people!!

Mamma wants me to add that I was started on solids at home from Aug 20 and the first morsel I was fed is Kunan Kaaya that my velye-ammama lovingly sundried, powdered and sent it all the way from Guruvayoor, Kerala.

                                          That’s how first meals look – messy n yummy 😀